Kleenso 75% Alcohol Wet Wipes

Product Features

  • 12 sheets of disinfecting wipes
  • Safe for skin and other surfaces
  • Convenient and comfortable

Also available in 500ml


Kleenso 75% Alcohol Wet Wipes is wet-wipe that is formulated to kill 99.9% of germs. The 11cm X 15cm wet wipes can be applied to clean and disinfect the skin and other surfaces.
Open wet-wipe sachet and pull out 1 sheet of wet wipe. Close the wet wipe sachet to prevent drying Wipe the surface you wish to disinfect. Once the surface is cleaned, dispose of wet wipe in the garbage Caution: Do not use on eyes and open wounds. Stop using if skin is irritated or uncomfortable after wiping. Do not throw wet wipes into the toilet, as this product is insoluble.