Is hygiene in the workplace important?

Is hygiene at the workplace important?

Sick leaves can cause businesses to lose a lot of money and opportunities – as the whole team suffers in productivity even if a single staff is ill. In fact, Malaysian companies suffered an estimated loss of RM 20.71 billion due to sick leave in 2019.

Additionally, certain industries – such as the food and personal products sector –have hygiene requirements to protect employees and consumers.

How do I maintain hygiene in the workplace?

Have a hygiene policy

Inform your staff of your intentions and expectations of a clean workplace. A written policy lets them know that hygiene is an important in the workplace.

Provide a clean bathroom

A clean bathroom is a must for good hygiene. Ensure that the bathroom is regularly stocked with soap, toilet paper and other necessities. Keep the bathroom clean – either by hiring cleaners or having a staff cleaning schedule.

Provide hygienic items

Provide items such as clean wipes, sanitisers and disinfectants to encourage staff to maintain a clean workspace.

Clean the office regularly

A clean workplace raises the morale of staff, so make sure your workplace is regularly cleaned to prevent the spread of infection

Enforce basic hygiene

Make sure your staff practice good personal hygiene, and keep their own work areas clean and tidy. You need to do your part, by ensuring shared office spaces such as the kitchen and restroom are always clean.