Pesso Commercial Attractant Glue Board 1pc/card


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  • Brand: Pesso
  • Product Code: KHC87GT

Disposable Glue Traps for DIY Pest Control for catching rats, mice , snake and cockroaches How to Catch Rats/Mice using Glue Traps * Look for signs of rat activity such as fresh droppings, visual sightings, bite/gnaw marks, grease marks, inside or near burrows, rat runways or feeding places. * NO BAITS Require as this product have attractant in it * Placement of the Glue Traps is CRITICAL for successfully catching rats and mice * Place bait station against a wall where rats have been seen or there are signs of rats * Rats (especially roof rats) are naturally suspicious of new objects in their surroundings. Therefore to increase catch rates, place a Glue Trap every 5m. The more Glue Traps you use, the better chance you have in catching the rat. * Check for catch on a regular basis, as dead rodents will attract flies and maggots and give out bad smell *If there are still signs of rats and the bait has been untouched after 1 week, move the Glue Trap to another area.

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