GENEX PLUS - Concentrated General Cleaner 20 Litre


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GENEX PLUS is a concentrated mild alkaline general cleaner formulated for use on all food-contact hard surfaces. It is designed for use using automatic dilution system, as well as manual dilution method. GENEX PLUS is safe and easy to use; it has an outstanding cleaning and rapid rinsing ability. It reliably removes and breaks down on fats, protein, dirt, vegetable oils and other soils. GENEX PLUS has a wide variety of applications such as ware washing, floor cleaning, utensils cleaning, equipment cleaning and many more, therefore eliminates stock of large chemical inventories.

GENEX PLUS does not contain harmful solvent or harsh chemicals, therefore safe to environment and safe to hands. Recommended for use in F&B outlet, food processing industries, cafeteria, pantry, canteen, hotel and many more.

Product Accreditation:

NSF International


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