Kleenso Concentrated Engine Degreaser 500ML


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  • Brand: Kleenso
  • Product Code: Concentrated Engine Degreaser

Kleenso Concentrated Engine Degreaser is specially formulated for effective removal of stubborn dirt, oil and grease. virtually cleanses everything from industry, household, Automobile, Crockery to Jewellery. Ideal as:
– Aluminium Cleaner
– Metal Cleaner
– Alloy Wheel Brightener
– Jewellery Brightener
– Brass Cleaner
– Glass Cleaner

Methods of application
1. Spray and wipe
2. Mopping
3. Brush Application
4. Dipping

Directions for use:
1. Mix with water (Refer dilution scale)
2. Spray onto surface evenly
3. Wipe with clean dry/ damp cloth or flush off with jet spray.
4. Test in an inconspicuous area prior to first use

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