Kleenso Multi Action Degreaser 500ML


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  • Brand: Kleenso
  • Product Code: Multi Action Degreaser

Kleenso Multi-Action Concentrated Degreaser is specially formulated for effective removal of stubborn dirt, oil and grease. virtually cleanses everything from industry, household, Automobile, Crockery to Jewellery. Ideal as:
– Aluminium Cleaner
– Metal Cleaner
– Alloy Wheel Brightener
– Jewellery Brightener
– Brass Cleaner
– Glass Cleaner

Methods of application
1. Spray and wipe
2. Mopping
3. Brush Application
4. Dipping

Directions for use:
1. Mix with water (Refer dilution scale)
2. Spray onto surface evenly
3. Wipe with clean dry/ damp cloth or flush off with jet spray.
4. Test in an inconspicuous area prior to first use

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