Bathroom Series

Kleenso No More Clog 1 Litre

WHERE IT WORKSSafe for garbage disposals, bathroom, kitchen and other drains, like laundry sinks.HO.....

Kleenso Non-Caustic Clog Remover 300g

Fast acting to clean even the toughest clogs! Heat release formula works immediately to melt down o.....

Kleenso Stainless Steel Brightening Cleaner 200g

Kleenso Stainless Steel Brightening Cleaner effectively removes tough stains, tarnish and heat stai.....

Kleenso Super Red Degreaser 1L

Kleenso Super Red Degreaser is specially formulated for effective removal of stubborn dirt, oil &.....

Kleenso Tile & Bathroom Spray Cleaner 500ml

Kleenso Tile and Bathroom Cleaner clean and shine all porcelain surface such as tile, toilet bowl, .....

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